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Lake County Woman Killed by her Own Vehicle

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PAISLEY-  A 76-year old  woman was killed  yesterday after being struck by her own vehicle while attempting to close a gate at her Paisley home.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that the Lake County Sheriff’s office was called to the home about 3:15pm on Sunday, after receiving a report of a woman lying in her driveway.

Upon arrival, a Lake County deputy said the victim was able to tell him what had happened. She reportedly told him that she had accidentally put her vehicle, a 2006 Chevrolet SUV,  into reverse rather than park,

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and when she exited the vehicle to close a gate, the car rolled backward, striking her with the door. The victim, 76-year-old Mary Simpkins, was transported to Florida Hospital in Deland,

where she died of her injuries.

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