Lake County Firefighters Rescue Astor Residents and Pets


ASTOR, Fla. – Lake County firefighters rescued two Astor residents and their pets after they became trapped in their home due to flooding.

The residents, who were under a volutanry evacuation, decided to try to weather out the storm at home with their dogs.

The firefighters managed to rescue the couple and their dogs and safely take them to a shelter for Astor residents.


The images taken of the incident show thigh-high flooding covering the street and home.

Firefighters are warning residents in flooded areas to beware of snakes, gators, and floating red ant piles.

Those who are in immediate danger should call 911.

Residents seeking information about county services and resources may call the Citizens information Line at 352-253-9999. Those with questions about power outages should contact their power company directly.