Lake County Extension Hosts “Chicken University”

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TAVARES – Due to a rise in interest in urban chicken farming after lawmakers recently passed a new legislation which allows landowners in certain areas to manage a small number of hens, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Services Lake County Extension plans to host a “Chicken University” to help new urban farmers understand more about chickens and their biology to help them become successful chicken farmers.

“Small-scale chicken farming can be an excellent way to provide a safe and wholesome food for your family, but in order to be successful, farmers must develop a basic understanding of poultry biology and husbandry,” stated Megan Mann, an Extension Agent in the Livestock and Natural Resources division.

The class, which will be held on Tuesday, December 5 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Lake County Extension Office, will cover topics such as egg handling, poultry anatomy and biology, housing, egg production, and predator protection.


The office is located at 1951 Woodlea Road in Tavares. The class will cost $10 per attendee which includes a booklet with information.

Anyone interested in attending can register at

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