Man Arrested After Kidnapping a Lyft Driver


ORLANDO – Troopers arrested a man after allegedly kidnapping a Lyft driver against her will early Tuesday morning according to Florida Highway Patrol reports.

FHP Trooper Franco reported that they were driving out of the parking lot of the FHP station near Semoran Boulevard and Kalmia Drive when a car approached and a woman exited the vehicle stating that she was a Lyft driver and was in fear for her life.

According to the driver, a man, later identified as 20-year-old Christopher Epperson, got in her vehicle and began asking her personal questions about her family. She also stated that Epperson gave her multiple addresses to go to where each location was very dark.


According to the report, Epperson told the driver that if she wanted to see her children again to take him to Yucatan Drive, a very dark location.

The driver told troopers that she saw an opportunity while passing the FHP station and acted quickly.

While talking to the driver, two other troopers arrived on scene. One trooper noticed a lump in Epperson’s pocket and asked him what was in his pocket.

Epperson reportedly began acting very nervous. Trooper Franco then noticed another bulge in Epperson’s cargo pocket in the shape of a gun.

After yelling “gun”, the troopers were able to act quickly and detain Epperson and retrieve the object from his pocket.

While searching him, troopers found a black handgun, gloves, and a roll of duct tape.

Epperson was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon.

He remains at the Orange County Jail in lieu of a $6,300 bond.