Lake County Sheriffs and Mount Dora Police Participate in Kicks 4 Guns Event

kicks 4 guns 2016

MOUNT DORA – This year, the Kicks 4 Guns program will host its 18th annual event in which local law enforcement and Real Radio 104.1 FM offer anyone a pair of sneakers or a gift card in exchange for their unwanted guns with no questions asked. The event allows peopled to get rid of any guns and help clean the streets without the fear of any legal action or charges. They simply come to the drop off locations, hand in the gun, and get their “Kicks” or gift card. No names, no questions.

This year, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and the Mount Dora Pollice will be participating in the event and collecting guns at the Renniger’s Twin Markets in Mount Dora from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on August 11.

The event will only be held one day at fifteen locations throughout Central Florida including Gator Harley in Leesburg.


According to Real Radio Program Director Jack Bradshaw, the program has removed nearly 10,000 unwanted guns from Central Florida streets.

For more information, FAQs, and a full list of all the locations where you can drop off your guns visit Real Radio 104.1’s website .