Marion County Deputies Warn of Jury Duty Scam

jury duty scam alert

OCALA – Marion County deputies are warning residents of a new phone scam where residents are receiving calls claiming the caller is from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office stating that they have missed jury duty and need to report to the Marion County Jail immediately.

Deputies received the first complaint on Thursday, January 5th.

Deputies believe that the call is just the first step to a series of calls that will result in a financial scam where the callers will try to get unsuspecting residents to make payments.


In a Facebook post posted to their fan page on Friday, deputies stated that the calls are not from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and that MCSO does not handle jury duty summons or issues.

“The Marion County Clerk of Court is the agency responsible for jury duty coordination,” the post stated. “The Marion County Clerk also does not call citizens in relation to jury duty.”

Official summons are sent by mail using Marion County Clerk of Court letterheads.

If you receive a call claiming to be from the MCSO or Marion County Clerk stating you missed jury duty, do not provide any personal information or make any payments and report the incident immediately.

For more information or to check if you have been officially summoned for jury duty, citizens may call the Marion County Clerk of Court Jury Management Department at (352)671-5581.