Jewelry stolen from home by men posing as FEMA officials


BUSHNELL, Fla. — The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to watch out for a two men posing as FEMA officials after they reportedly stole jewelry from a home.

According to a sheriff’s press release, deputies responded to the theft complaint on Monday where the victim told them two men arrived at her residence that afternoon, implying they were representatives with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The men claimed they were sent to her residence to survey the damage from Hurricane Irma — and entered her home to survey damage to the roof.


The men eventually left as they told her they would return in 10 minutes, but never came back.

Shortly afterward, the victim discovered jewelry missing from her and her daughter’s bedroom.

Michele Keszey, a sheriff’s spokeswoman, said the victim felt the younger male distracted her as the older one walked throughout her residence.

The victim later spoke with actual FEMA members and learned they were unaware of anyone representing the agency, responding to the residence.

The intruders were driving a newer model pickup truck, possibly a white Ford, white in color. The vehicle had no decal and the men did not wear any clothing that depicted the company they were with, Keszay added.

The victim said both men were Hispanic, average height and medium build, and one appeared to be in his late 20s to early 30s, with the other in his 50s.