Hurricane Florence Looming and People Evacuating, but What About the Animals?


As the massive Category 2 Hurricane Florence approaches the Carolinas, people can reportedly expect “life-threatening storm surges, heavy rainfall and damaging winds to cover a very large area.

Regardless of where the center lands, many will be effected, and massive flooding is expected.

Several mandatory evacuations have been ordered, despite the reduction to a Category 2 storm.


But what about the animals? Alley Cat Allies, founded in 1990, has put together a list of recommendations to use to try and assist with animal safety, recovery, or rescue.

Have microchips updated, take pictures of the animal and of the pet tag.

If you care for strays, a picture would be very helpful.

Enlist the help of friends or other pet interested people to assist, especially if you are evacuating and they are staying behind or live in a non-evacuation zone.

Create an emergency contact card, with your information and information about the pets you care for and make a list of local animal shelters to hand out.

While packing or preparing your own disaster kit, don’t forget to prepare one for the animals, including food and water, litter box, litter, crate, and blankets.



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