Fruitland Park Police to Open New Substation in the Moyer Recreation Center

Fruitland Park Police Substation

FRUITLAND PARK – The Fruitland Park Police Department announced that they will be opening their new substation at the Moyer Recreation Center located at 300 Moyer Loop in The Villages.

According to a Fruitland Park official, the station will serve as the new office for Lt. Erik Luce as well as several volunteers who will help answer questions from citizens and man the phones to assist callers and direct them to the appropriate personnel.

The department is currently accepting applications for volunteers to help man the new sub-station. To be a volunteer, applicants must fill out an application at the Fruitland Park Police Department located at 506 W. Berckman Street in Fruitland Park and report to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to be fingerprinted.


A new Facebook Fan Page has been set up for the substation that can be found HERE.

The station will officially open for operation on Monday, October 3rd at 9:00 am.

More information on the hiring of volunteers and the substation will be posted on their new fan page. Be sure to check it out and ‘like’ their page to get notifications.