Facebook Video Shows Mom Dunking Child in Toilet


LEESBURG, Fla. — A video appeared in a public post on Saturday afternoon which shows a Leesburg mom dunking her 5-year-old son into a toilet head-first.

The video, which received over 1,000 shares and was viewed more than 38,000 times, shows a woman identified as Kaitlyn Wolf pulling the young boy’s arms behind his back in an upward motion and turning him upside down then dunking him face-first into a toilet while she flushes the toilet.

While dunking the child, the boy was pleading with his mother to stop.


The footage was reportedly captured by Wolf’s older son and it eventually found its way to Misty McCormic who then posted the video on Facebook.

McCormic is the mother of two children whose father is dating Wolf.

The father of McCormic’s children has visitation with her two children where the kids stay at a home he shares with Wolf.

“Someone who doesn’t want to be named sent me the video to let me know who was around my kids when I wasn’t around,” said McCormic in an interview with Central Florida Wire.

According to McCormic, her children were supposed to stay with their father from Wednesday through Sunday until she received the video on Thursday.

“I got wind of this on Thursday and picked them up Thursday around lunchtime,” she told us.

In the comments of the video post, many users expressed their anger and even Wolf joined in on the comments by attacking McCormic and replying to others’ comments telling them to come “beat her up”.

In one comment, Wolf said she was just playing a joke on her son and in another, she commented, “Someone !!!! Please come beat me up [SIC]”.

According to McCormic an investigator from the Department of Children and Families responded to the home after the incident but no action was taken.

One Facebook user commented stating that Police became involved after the video went viral and that Wolf was arrested at Golden Nails & Tan in Leesburg, however, that information has not been verified.

Lake County Sheriff’s Sgt. Fred Jones responded to our request stating there was no information in the evening report about Wolf.

A call to the Leesburg Police Department for information was not immediately returned.

In a final message from McCormic, she stated that Wolf had recently posted to Facebook and she does not believe that Wolf has been arrested.

Central Florida Wire is expecting to receive more information and will update this story as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Woman Accused of Dunking Child in Toilet Under Investigation



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