Eustis “Mow-to-Own” Properties Given out in One Day

mow to own

EUSTIS – After announcing the availability of 9 properties were still available for the City of Eustis “Mow-to-Own” program, residents acted quickly to secure the last parcels of land in just one day.

The program, which began in October 2016, proved to be very successful the first time around after assigning new caretakers for 21 properties in October.

City officials then announced on Tuesday, January 3rd, that there were still 14 properties left, 9 of which qualified for the program in which residents can earn the property by mowing, raking, and providing general maintenance for two years.


After our since our first publication early Wednesday morning, city officials announced that as of January 4th at 3:15 pm, all “mow-to-own” properties had been claimed.

The city still has three larger properties that are available for purchase in the form of cash bids.

Anyone interested in any of the cash bid properties can find out more information HERE.