Emmanuel Baptist Church of Leesburg to Host “Operation Blue Light”

Emmanuel Baptist Church of Leesburg

LEESBURG-   Pastor Jeff Carney of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Leesburg, is extending an invitation to the community to join their service in which they will be honoring police and first responders. The service will be held at the church on October 16 starting at 10:30am.

Pastor Carney and members of the church have been using blue light bulbs on their porches to show their support for police and first responders and will continue to do so through the month of October, hence, “Operation Blue Light”.

According to Pastor Carney, many members of the local police departments and first responders have already accepted their invitations to join the service, including Leesburg’s Deputy Fire Chief and Chief of Police. Those that appear at the service wearing their uniforms will receive a special gift as a token of appreciation.


The message that Pastor Carney will be giving this Sunday is titled “Search and Rescue”. He hopes to see all of the community out to show support for the police and first responders.

Pastor Carney also stated that Emmanuel Baptist Church is a very community oriented church and loves to help others whenever possible. The church has done many services and other events throughout the community including in local apartment complexes.

Emmanuel Baptist Church is located at 1710 US-441 in Leesburg.

To check out the church’s schedule or other events or just for other general information visit their website HERE