Elderly Missing Woman Found Safe


LEESBURG-  An elderly woman who was reported missing on Wednesday in Leesburg has been found safe.

74-year-old Mary Starks left her home in Leesburg at approximately 1:30pm heading towards the Dollar General on the intersection of US-Hwy 27 and CR 48.

Her husband told the Lake County Sherrif’s Office that though Mary has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia that she tends to get confused easily and has done so more often while driving. Deputies then began a search for her.


At around 10:50pm, a gentleman by the name of Andru Eckerdt went into a Cumberland Farms gas station where he says he goes every day. The clerk asked him if he could lead an elderly lady to US-Hwy 27 because she was lost and didn’t know where she was.

Mr. Eckerdt complied and led her to US-Hwy 27. As she continued, he noticed her driving pattern and how slowly she was driving, which prompted him to call the Leesburg Police Department.

When Eckerdt met up with the Leesburg Police, that’s when it was discovered that she was the missing elderly woman, Mary Starks. “She didn’t know the date, year or current president,” he said.

According to Eckerdt, LPD took his written statement and Mary Starks was Baker Acted.