Drivers Enjoy the Sun as Some Activities Return to Normal

Photo Credit: Chris Whateley - Clutch Shift Go

As things return to normal after the COVID-19 quarantine, Central Florida residents came out to enjoy some fun in the sun with friends, cars, and tire smoke over the weekend in Inverness.

Drivers came from all over Central Florida to participate in the Wrench Monkeys Meetup, one of a regular series of car meets hosted by Wrench Monkeys Automotive, an auto repair shop located in Inverness.

The scene was filled with many cars including several Mazda Miatas, BMWs, a restored U.S. Mail Truck, and even a rare Mazda RX-7 as well as many others.


The smell of burning rubber filled the air as contestants competed against each other in the “Best Burnout” competition.

A small crowd gathered around several vehicles as they let the beat drop in the “Best Audio” completion to see which car had the best bass setup.

Aside from audio and burnouts, other awards were given for car limbo, best two-step, People’s Choice, and more.

As you walked around the event it was obvious that residents were glad to be out and enjoying outdoor activities after the long quarantine.



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