Sumter County Deputies Save Puppies From House Fire


THE VILLAGES – Two chihuahua puppies were saved from a house fire on Christmas Eve according to a Sumter County press release.

Deputies and firefighters responded to a home on Ansley Path in The Villages on Christmas Eve at approximately 2:00 pm in response to a house fire, the release stated.

The homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire but were contacted by responders and arrived at the home shortly after responders were on the scene.


Once the homeowners arrived, they told deputies that they had two chihuahua puppies that were in dog cages in the home still.

Deputy Mata and Deputy Flores acted quickly and broke one of the windows near where the owners stated the dogs were located.

Deputy Mata was able to reach in through the window and grab one of the crates with the puppy. Deputy Flores was then able to retrieve the other crate with the second puppy.

Both puppies were removed from the home and appeared to be in good health.

Deputy Mata suffered minor injuries from the broken glass of the window while trying to retrieve the puppy.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time and is still under investigation, however, preliminary reports state that it appears to be accidental.