DCF Announces Release of Food Stamp Benefits Within 48 Hours for Hurricane Irma Preparation


FLORIDA – The Department of Children and Families announced on Wednesday it will be releasing food stamp benefits early to help benefit recipients prepare for Hurricane Irma.

“Attention: To help families prepare for Hurricane Irma, SNAP benefits for the month of September will be released within 48 hours for customers who have not already received them.”

The statement above was posted on the Department’s website Wednesday.

Florida residents who have not received their September SNAP benefits can expect to receive them within the next 48 hours.


All benefits are expecred to be available no later than Friday.

Any residents who have not received their benefits by Friday are recommended to call the SNAP benefits hotline found on the back of your benefits card.

Residents who are planning on evacuating can expect to be able to use their card at any retailer that accepts SNAP benefits in other states.