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Ten Arrested In Lake County Jail Drug Smuggling Sting

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TAVARES – Three months ago, Lake County detectives noticed an increase in the amount of drugs that seemed to be finding their way into the County Jail.  An investigation into the sources of those drugs has netted ten arrests, including the daughter of a candidate for Lake County Sheriff.

Detectives said inmates had devised several ways of getting the drugs in, including drilling holes in the plexiglass windows in the visitors area with a pin from a nearby fire extinguisher. Detectives also found that drugs were being left in trash bags on the side of the road where inmates were working on cleaning crews. They even found Suboxone under postage stamps on letters mailed to inmates, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s office. Other drugs found included marijuana and Xanax.

Using the monitoring of phone conversations and surveillance inside the facility, detectives reportedly discovered the coordination of the scheme by the perpetrators. The 10 suspects are charged with conspiracy to introduce contraband into a county detention facility, solicitation to introduce contraband and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

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Arrested and charged were: Scott Beekman, Fabian Sanchez, Lance Hanson, Jesse Hall Clifton Crews, Steven Belisle,  Jasmic Holden, David Mariotti and Jacqueline Brown. Also arrested was Christine Obregon, daughter of Andres Obregon, a former sheriff’s deputy and border patrol agent, who is on the August 30 primary ballot for Lake County Sheriff.  Sheriff’s officials say many of those arrested have long criminal records.

Christine Obregon


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