Coleman Federal Prison Corrections Officer Hospitalized After Being Beaten for More than 3 Minutes by Inmate

Coleman Federal Prison located in Coleman, Florida off of County Road 470

A corrections officer working at the Coleman Federal Prison in Sumter County, was hospitalized after being beaten by an inmate for more than 3 minutes.

The attack happened in the food prep area Sunday morning according to Union representative Joe Rojas.

Officials say that the alarm system had recently gone through some maintenance and that they are still investigating whether it was functional during the time of the attack.


The corrections officer was beaten badly for over three minutes before help arrived. However, the complex was not placed in lock down until two hours after the event took place and nobody called emergency medical services during that time. The officer was treated at the hospital later in the day for a concussion.

“911 should have been called and sent him to the hospital, I understand the staff probably didn’t want to go to the hospital but at that point he wasn’t in his senses, he had a concussion and they didn’t call an ambulance that’s my concern,” said Rojas.

No one was available to answer our questions late Monday night but we are told that the warden is assessing the situation.

The Coleman Federal Prison is the home of numerous criminals with extensive records and it is now being questioned how something like this could happen and why the officers are not properly equipped to defend themselves against such situations.