Clermont Woman Offers Deputy “Oral Sex” After Arrest

19-year-old Madison Bryant was charged with bribing a public official after offering oral sex to deputy.

A Clermont woman was charged with bribing a public servant after reportedly offering a Lake County deputy oral sex in exchange for her Juul vape pen the deputy had confiscated.

According to arrest reports, deputies found 19-year-old Madison Bryant sitting in a median on US Highway 27 near Hidden Harbor Drive in Leesburg next to a pickup truck that was stopped in the inside lane of Highway 27.

Upon arrival, the driver of the vehicle, Tyler Sanville, exited the vehicle and spoke with deputies stating that while driving, Bryant became angry with Sanville and the two began arguing. Sanville told deputies that Bryant wanted to get out of the vehicle and so he stopped and she got out.


During their conversation, the responding deputy reported that Sanville smelled of alcohol.

After a field sobriety test was conducted, Sanville was arrested for driving under the influence.

When questioned, Bryant told deputies that she and Sanville were arguing about “relationship issues”. Deputies also reported that Bryant smelled of alcohol and “spoke of many topics that did not make much sense”.

After Sanville’s arrest, deputies waited with Bryant at the scene while she attempted to find a ride home.

During their wait, Bryant reportedly told deputies she needed to use the bathroom. One deputy offered to drive Bryant to a nearby gas station to use the restroom, however, Bryant stated she “did not want to and was going to urinate right now”.

Bryant then pulled down her pants and urinated directly in front of the deputy’s patrol vehicle.

Bryant was subsequently arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication.

While being transported to the Lake County Jail, Bryant asked for her “Juul smoking device” stating that she needed it for anxiety.

After being denied her smoking device, Bryant began a conversation with the deputy asking him if he was married and had kids. She then told the deputy that she did not want to “f— that up” and offered him oral sex if he gave her back her Juul.

The deputy did not respond and continued to transport Bryant to the Lake County Jail where she was additionally charged with a felony count of bribing a public official.

Bryant was later released after posting a $3,000 bond.



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