City of Eustis Expands Wastewater Treatment Plant


EUSTIS – The City of Eustis broke ground on the new expansion of the Eastern Wastewater Treatment Plant (EWWTP) located on Cardinal Lane in Sorrento. The plant currently serves the area from State Road 44 to State Road 46A.

The $6.85 million dollar project is being funded partially by a $2.75 million cost-share funding grant from the St. Johns River Water Management District according to a press release.

“This project will allow the City of Eustis to provide wastewater services in the new, proposed Eustis growth areas,” said City Manager Ron Neibert. “We would not have been able to complete this project without the support of the St. Johns River Water Management District and we are so thankful for their project grant and for partnering with us to provide quality utility services to Eastern Lake County.”


The expansion will expand the capacity of the EWWTP to serve a larger area in Sorrento that is currently being served by the city and will eliminate the need for septic tank installations for any developments in the near future. That area includes Sorrento Springs and Red Tail subdivisions that are currently with water utility services, public access reuse water, and wastewater treatment.

Dr. Ann Shortelle, Executive Director of the St. Johns River Water Management Division stated in a news release, “Through partnerships, we can help local governments and water suppliers stretch their dollars for great projects they otherwise may not be able to achieve.”

The plant is expected to go from managing 300,000 gallons of water per day to 1.3 million gallons of water per day after the EWWPT expansion is complete.

Construction for the expansion of the plant will be out for bid in mid-January and officials are expecting to award the bid in March.

The project is expected to be completed and functional by the first quarter of 2018.