Citrus County Deputy Fired After Domestic Violence Arrest

Citrus County Deputy Fired After Domestic Violence Arrest

INVERNESS – A Citrus County Deputy lost her job for the second time at the Sheriff’s Office after a December 10th arrest where she was charged with allegedly battering her former boyfriend, according to a Facebook post on the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office’s page.

According to the post, deputies responded to the home of 29-year-old Bryan Hesse in Inverness in reference to a domestic violence call on Saturday, December 10 just after 3:00 am.

When Deputies arrived at the home, Hesse stated that 25-year-old Heather Cogar had stopped by his home and during her visit, alleged that Cogar struck Hesse causing minor injuries.


Cogar was not at the home when deputies arrived but were found later that morning.

Cogar was arrested and charged with one count of domestic battery and jailed at the Citrus County Jail without bond.

Cogar was immediately fired from her position as a Citrus County Deputy making it the second time she has been fired in her three years serving the Sheriff’s Office.

She was previously fired in 2014 complaints were filed against her by other deputies about her behavior while off duty.

In one complaint, the deputy stated that she engaged in a high-speed chase with him while wearing a mask on February 26.

The complaint stated that while off duty, Cogar had texted a dispatcher asking for the location of any deputies patrolling the north part of Citrus County and then drove in that area until she found the deputies.

Cogar then began to chase one deputy while wearing a mask exceeding speeds of 70 miles per hour causing the deputy to request backup and stop Cogar with their weapons drawn not knowing who was in the vehicle.

The second complaint against Cogar stated that Cogar, while off duty, attempted to get a patrolling deputy to look at her friend’s breasts who was sitting topless in the passenger seat on March 7 as she drove next to the patrol vehicle.

Cogar was terminated from the Sheriff’s Department due to the complaints filed against her but was rehired after she filed an appeal and won.