Citrus County Woman Arrested For Animal Cruelty


Citrus County, Fla.- On June 26, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office was called to a case of animal cruelty in the Highlands area of Inverness. 75-year-old, Barbara Smith was arrested for animal cruelty due to poor living conditions and a strong odor of ammonia.

Smith had called an electrician to work on her house. However, when the electrician arrived, he refused to work under such conditions and called Citrus County Sherrif’s Office.

Fire Hazmat Unit was called in due to severe amount of filth and a strong odor of ammonia.


Deputies stated that the whole house was covered with cat hair, dust, feces, and urine. The water dishes were either empty or covered with roaches.

Smith was holding 34 cats, who were all skinny and ill. “The defendant stated that all of her cats were house cats and do not go outside unless on the back porch.”

All the cats were taken to the Citrus County Animal Shelter.