Car Swallowed in Hole Caused by Broken Water Main in Beverly Hills

car swallowed whole by broken water main damage

BEVERLY HILLS – A broken water main on a Beverly Hills road caused enough damage to swallow a car whole according to a Facebook post from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department on Monday.

The water main broke in front of a home located on Truman Boulevard causing a large hole to open up in the middle of the road. The hole was filled with dark water making the depth of the hole unnoticeable.

A vehicle traveling down the road did not notice how deep the hole was when they drove over it, causing the car to slowly sink into the water.


The car initially had water up to its doors but was eventually completely submerged in the water.

Citrus County Deputies, Fire Rescue, Road Maintenance, and officials from the water utility company that owns the water main were on scene trying to assess the damages.

Luckily the occupants of the vehicle were able to safely evacuate the car before it had completely submerged.

Truman Blvd was closed down causing detours until workers were able to temporarily repair the broken water main.

A more permanent repair is scheduled to be completed on a later date according to another post by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the Road Maintenance Office at (352)527-7610