Be Free Lake, Inc. awarded $375,000 for Mental Health Awareness Training.


LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — A significant grant was awarded to a local organization to provide awareness training to veterans, armed services members, their families, and community agencies.

The $375,000 federal award was only given to twenty-six organizations throughout the country. Be Free Lake, Inc. received the grant in hopes to continue providing a sense of awareness that will lessen and potentially prevent suicide occurrences.

Connecting and educating the community on mental, emotional, and behavioral health can lead to a better understanding of mental illness in loved ones. The impact is unquestionably great upon elderly and middle-aged adults, but the youth is affected by this disease as well.


Through training, the community can assure quick redirection in moments of need to professional services. The classes include recognition of the signs and symptoms of mental disorders and how to best react and respond in related situations.

A chairman of Be Free Lake speaks out on a personal level in regards to a loss his family endured in 1994. Argento states, “I am glad that the county’s drug prevention coalition was able to secure this grant to where we can help families in our area hopefully avoid the pain that my family went through because of suicide.”

Fundamentally, the organization seeks to use the grant funds to educate the community on mental health and encourages this awareness for the sake of families and neighbors alike. They’re informed that many have hidden struggles, but they desire to lighten the burden through further insight and education.



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