“Batman” Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges


LADY LAKE – Lady Lake officers responded to a call at Target on Highway 27/441 in reference to a possible shoplifter. When they arrived, they had no idea who they were dealing with. Officers located the suspects in the parking lot sitting in a dark-colored sanded down vehicle. When Officer Duryea asked the suspects their names, one of them replied, “I’m Batman”.

“Batman” first provided officers with a Driver’s License whose photo did not match. Then provided her actual identification card which identified her as 30-year-old Amber Drake.

Drake took off running across the parking lot when she heard the dispatcher tell officers there were active warrants. Officers were able to quickly surround Drake and secure her in a patrol car. While investigating the scene, officers found a Social Security card that did not belong to Drake in her wallet. Also, the tag on the vehicle did not belong to any of the subjects and was expired. The yellow registration sticker on the tag, however, showed it was current. Upon further investigation, officers discovered that the yellow sticker was registered to a trailer. The trailer belonged to a different person than the three suspects or the owner of the tag. Officers then ran the VIN on the vehicle and found that the vehicle belonged to a third person not matching any of the suspects or the owners of the tag or registration sticker.


According to police, a black and yellow bag with a Batman logo was found during a search of the vehicle. The bag contained multiple needles, marijuana, and meth. Another bag was also found which contained another needle and more meth.

When asked who the Batman bag belonged to, Drake replied with, “Isn’t it all of ours?” and then quickly followed up by saying, “It’s mine. It’s all mine”.

The “Batman” imposter was then arrested and charged with multiple drug charges as well as resisting an officer, displaying a false driver’s license and making a false report to police. She is currently being held at the Lake County Jail on a $8,000 bond and also on a warrant hold from Charlotte County, FL.