A Resident of The Villages Contacts the Police Regarding His Grandson

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The Villages — A grandfather has repeatedly called law enforcement about his eight year old grandson living in the Villages. The child lives on the Historic Side in the grandfather’s home with his mother.

The eighty two year old grandfather has been barred from his home after a physical altercation with his forty one year old daughter. There was an incident report filed with the Lady Lake Police Department.

According to an incident report from Lady Lake Police Department, a concerned neighbor alerted the grandfather on Sunday that the mother was currently trying to recover her son from a drug dealer.


The grandfather was with a Lady Lake Police Officer when he pointed out a thirty six year old man driving a golf cart on Paige Place in Spanish Springs. The eighty two year old suggested that he was the aforementioned drug dealer.

The police officer began speaking with the thirty six year old man in the golf cart when the mother and the eight year old pulled up in a second golf cart beside them.

The mother explained that the man was her boyfriend who lives in another location, and that he had been babysitting for her. The mother also accused her father of repeatedly calling the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office over concerns about the eight year old’s well being and that he was harassing her.

The report stated that the boy appeared to be in no harm, and that the grandfather was reminded of the “no contact” order remaining in effect that prevents him from seeing his daughter and grandson at the Country Club Hills home.