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10-Year-Old Arrested For Bringing Knife to School

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MINNEOLA — A 10-year-old girl was arrested Friday afternoon after reportedly bringing a knife to school at Minneola Elementary Charter School according to police reports.

Police say a student came forward and warned staff members at the school that the girl had a knife hidden in a stuffed animal that she carried in her backpack and was showing the knife to other students.

Officers and staff members searched the girl’s backpack where they found a stuffed animal with an opening in the seem.

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Within the stuffed animal, officers recovered a black-handled kitchen knife with a 5-inch blade.

When questioned, the girl admitted to bringing the knife to school and stated that her brother told her to bring it to “protect herself”.

Officers asked the girl if she had any problems with any other students or anyone else for that matter and the girl stated she did not.

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The girl was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property, a felony charge, and later booked at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center.

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