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Central Florida Wire | June 25, 2017

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Here is a list of some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you are having an issue with something you may try to find the answer here. If you do not see your issue listed, please reach out to us using our contact form.

Why am I being blocked during registration?

Some people may experience an issue during registration where they are blocked from registering. This may happen during general registration or when trying to post a comment. Due to our security and firewalls on our website put in place to protect our readers and the integrity of our website and its servers, some email addresses or IP addresses may be flagged as SPAM if they are listed in worldwide SPAM database or contain words or phrases that are commonly associated with SPAM email addresses. Being blocked is not permanent and a block can be removed upon request. In most cases, when you are blocked, you will be asked to solve a CAPTCHA or to submit an “Allow Request”. If that does not happen, please contact us with the email you are attempting to register for assistance.

Do I have to register to leave a comment?

Registering on our website is completely voluntary. While registering allows you to take advantage of some features of our website such as tracking classified ads, business directory listing, job listings and more, it is not required to comment on articles. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the article with your name, email, and comment to leave a comment. Information provided this way will not register you and will not be shared in any way. For more information on commenting, visit our Comment Policy.

Why don’t you cover news in my area?

Central Florida Wire is a very small operation comprised of three people. We primarily focus on news from Lake, Sumter, Marion, and Citrus counties. While we try to get as much breaking news out as possible, we are limited by manpower to cover all news stories. If your area falls in these counties and we still are not covering it, chances are we were either not aware of the story or were not able to cover due to manpower. If you have a tip or breaking news you want to be shared, you can always submit it using our News Submission Form.

I Subscribed to your Newsletter and don’t want it anymore. Can I unsubscribe?

Yes. If you open any of our newsletters in your email and scroll to the bottom, you will find an unsubscribe link in the footer. If you are wanting to unsubscribe because you don’t want to receive news from specific counties, you can also change your email preferences and select only the counties you want. Keep in mind that by doing this, you will receive one newsletter per county as opposed to our “Local News” newsletter which contains all news.

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